Salesforce1 Platform

INSITE is natively built on and supports the Salesforce1 platform, the world’s most scalable, secure and mobile enterprise cloud platform. INSITE helps you streamline your IT Service Management in a highly cost-effective manner. By utilizing the Salesforce1 platform we remove application, data integration, security and implementation roadblocks while providing a native, intuitive user interface – allowing an extremely efficient onboarding process which gets you productive faster, and providing you the ability to focus on business growth while reducing risk and lowering operating costs.

The INSITE application along with Salesforce1 platform’s proven security, scalability and high performance make it possible for INSITE to deliver state of the art, world-class IT Service Management solutions globally, which allows our customers the ability to deploy quickly. Our passion is to keep pursuing high performance, secure, scalable applications that accelerate our customers to their objectives quickly and therefore becoming the leader in IT Service Management.

Scales to Support Global Growth:

Averaging 1.5B transactions a day, the Salesforce1 platform is the most scalable enterprise cloud platform available today.

Leveraging a Highly Secure, Fully Tested, Enterprise-Ready Platform:

Deploy to tens of thousands of seats while having the security of leveraging a designed-in security model unifying all applications within a highly secure, standards-compliant cloud platform.

Key Benefits

Market Proven Scalability:

Average of 1.5B transactions a day successfully completed worldwide

Intuitive, Well-Known Salesforce1 User Interface:

Consistent across all devices, including mobile, handhelds, Laptops, Desktops etc., without any recoding

Pervasive and Rapidly Configurable Point-- Click

Platform in enterprise computing

Out of the Box Multi-Currency, Multi-Language Capability:

Supports global growth, helping you to attack new markets

Most Advanced Cloud Security

Your data and processes (compliant with FISMA, SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70), ISO 27001, PCI-DSS Level 1, Safe Harbor & TRUSTe standards)

Multi-Tenant - Common Code Base & Architecture:

Further accelerates application flexibility and deployment

Richest Set of APIs Available on a Tested and Proven Enterprise Cloud Platform:

Including SOAP API, REST APIs, Bulk API, Streaming and Metadata APIs expediting integration and customization.

Currently Supporting:

  • 100,000+ businesses
  • 220,000+ deployed applications
  • 4,000,000 users
  • 60,000,000,000 transactions per quarter, often with
  • 1,000,000,000+ transactions per day
  • An average request response time of less than 300 milliseconds
  • An average uptime of 99.9+ percent

For current information about system performance and availability, see

Mobile And Social

Stay Connected. Stay Updated.

Mobilize Your Operations and Workforce

INSITE’s application keeps you connected to what’s important, and does not “anchor you to a desk”. We provide ultimate flexibility to do your job! And because you have instant access on your handheld device, whether a Tablet, Smartphone, or Phablet, you can create incidents, respond to problems, approve requests, releases or fulfillments or reassign stuck issues. Along with accessing critical information via dashboards, you can instantly see the top 10 workload issues, number of incidents open, number of incidents resolved, problem management and asset management, and much much more. Because INSITE is enabled with Salesforce Chatter for your mobile device, you can boost productivity by having critical business information at your fingertips while collaborating with your team to resolve any issue on the fly.

Easy to Use

Thanks to streamlined navigation in Salesforce1, you can quickly perform tasks or find what you need from your mobile device. From pop-up reminders to customizable layouts and dashboards, INSITE makes it easy to do more on the go.

Mobile Devices

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android or a Windows Mobile device, INSITE works with the most popular mobile devices so you can leave the laptop behind and do more anytime, anywhere, even at 35,000 feet.

Instant Access

Stay ultra-productive while you’re on the go with instant access to your data, dashboards and status. Reassign issues on the fly, look up assets and SLA’s, and have the ability to respond immediately to requests.

Point-and-Click Setup

To be effective, mobile applications need to be easy to set up and use. Thanks to Salesforce1, INSITE, or Salesforce, administrators can quickly design custom tabs, edit labels, configure dashboards and screen layouts, by clicking not coding. It’s mobile configuration and deployment at the click of a button.

Online and Offline

Even when your device is not connected to a network, such as on an airplane, in a bad reception area, inside a building, or in far away and remote locations, you still have access to your information thanks to local data storage. When you reconnect, your INSITE updates and syncs automatically.

Real-Time Collaboration

Always stay connected with INSITE’s implementation with Salesforce Chatter, which is extremely easy to use on your mobile device. See and track what’s happening in your operations and share important information or solutions on the fly, even when you’re on the go.